WW II Made Me Love This Country

(Author is unknown )

World War II made me love this country because there was a spirit of love in America which has never been here since.  I had respect for my country and fellow citizens.  I felt the country had great promise, and I was really happy that I was living in a period of history when I could play a part.

During the war we didn’t have a lot of violence here.  People were future oriented.  You had a sense of purpose, a sense of moving with the country.

I wish we had more of that today.



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  1. From James Klein There was so much of working together, a lot of things was allotted by stamps, like petroleum products, tires, and sugar just to mention a few.
    You collected things for recycling, to go for the war effort, everyone helped on this.
    When the war ended, you didn’t know what a party was until then, everyone was invited as that was a real celebration.

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