Swifts Salutes Mrs. America, Patriot!


The Swift meat people ran this advertisement in the magazines praising the roles of women on the home front.  I’ve kept it as a reminder.

Ellen Carballo     b.1940

“Her Seven Jobs All Help Win the War”

  1. WIFE! She knows that her husband can carry on the war pace of his job only if she keeps his home a peaceful, happy place.  She’s a loving and lovable person, doing a fine job of home-making.  A salute for being that kind of wife.
  2. MOTHER! She guards her youngsters’ health, body and mind.  She sees they foods from the “basic 7” Nutritional Groups daily. Sensing their shock from wartime headlines, she calmly explains why American men go off to fight.
  3. PURCHASING AGENT! She realizes rationing means fair sharing.  She sympathizes with dealers – understands why she often cannot get just the cut she wants, or the Swift’s brands of beef or other meats she’d prefer to have.
  4. COOK! She cooks with care to save nutritive values. She makes the most of meat; reduces shrinkage by cooking at low temperature; prepares attractive dishes from leftovers; learns to cook every kind of cut so it will taste its very best.
  5. SALVAGE EXPERT! She wastes nothing, for she knows Food Fights for Freedom.  She uses every bit of leftovers, even bones are saved for soup.  She regularly takes to her dealer the drippings of fat that have no further cooking use.
  6. WAR WORKER! She joins wholeheartedly in the community projects of civilian defense.  She sends neat bandages on far errands of mercy.  And (to hear her it is a matter of special pride) the honored list of blood donors includes her name.
  7. WAR BOND BUYER! She does without things she wants, so our men will have the things they need. Over 10%of her husband’s pay goes for War Bonds, plus dollars she saves in her household budget.

Swifts salutes Mrs. America, Patriot!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Ellen!!
    I was exhausted just reading about her duties she performed.

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