Still Fearful


I can confess it now to people who read this blog who are sort of from the same era..  I was terrified. 

by Sarah Miller b.  1932

All day long I heard grown ups and older kids in the street talking about the Germans and the Japs and how they were winning.    In the news reels at the movies I saw how powerful the Germans looked with all the tanks and thousands of marching men.  My Uncle Alan told me how mean the Japs were to our Marines.

Two girls in my school lost their brothers and one of them stayed home for a long time.  My father worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and told me he and the other men were building ships that would go fight them and that we would win, but I was still afraid.

I spent all those years so scared.  I had bad dreams about German soldiers breaking into our house.  After the war my mother said she thought I was just a quiet kid.

I’m well over 80 now and I still have moments of fear come over me.   You just don’t forget that.


2 thoughts on “Still Fearful”

  1. Patricia Murphy Meeks I was 4 years old and had just returned from the movies with my older sister.When we entered our living room,we saw our parents huddled around the radio.We started to question them,but dad said shh,and mom said “Bad news”. Then after hearing the presidents words our parents told us about Pearl Harbor.What had happened and where it was.

  2. Maggie Johnson I had bad dreams at night that the Japanese planes were bombing us. When I was 8 years old, My mother and I were visiting in Chicago on VJ Day, and I will always remember the celebration in the streets!

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