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Mr. Dean Steward is seeking information.  Please read the email exchanges below.  You can reach Dean at

Mr. Peterson,

I grew up 90 miles east of Casper in Jeffrey City. During the war we had a bombing/strafing range just north of us. I have picked up 1000s of .50 cal brass over my life. I’m researching the AAF base and it’s ranges. Any info you have on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


Dean Steward


Hello Mr. Steward

I was raised in Glenrock, about 24 miles east of Casper.  The bombing and gunnery ranges were north of Glenrock in the rolling sand hills.
I left there in 1956 to join the Navy and have returned only occasionally since then.  I drove out in the area of the old ranges in 2005 when I was back for my high school class 50th reunion.  A lot of the land was strip mined for coal for a power plant and has been “restored” so I suspect any remnants of the ranges are gone.
I have not found any information about Casper air base that discusses location of any of the ranges.  The best info I have found about Casper air base is at the link provided with my original blog post.

RD Miller


Thank you to both of you.  There is so little information on this bombing range out here.  When I was a kid [1980s] the local ranches had “bombing range” signs on their gates, they and the old ranchers are long gone.  I hope to visit the museum at the Casper Airport this week, hopefully I can dig up some info there.  Thanks again.


Dean Steward.




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