Office of Price Administration Announces Rationing

On March 12, 1943  The Office of Price Administration (OPA) announced the following

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Each person regardless of age will be allowed 16 points a week for the whole group of new items to be rationed.  There will be no exact meat ration, although the amount of meat available will average two pounds a week per person for home consumption. Restaurants will continue to be coupon free to the customers , although OPA will ration the supplies used by restaurants.

Bouillon cubes and beef extracts, not rationed now with canned soup, will be rationed with meat.

Not all cheeses will be rationed. Hard cheese like Swiss and American will be rationed; soft  or perishable cheese like cram cheese or cottage cheese, Camembert, and Brie will not be rationed.

Canned fish will be rationed, but fresh, frozen, smoked, salt and pickled fish will not be rationed.

Weekly coupons will be good for a month.  If any coupons are left over from the first week, they may be used the second week’s coupons.

Blue Stamps in War Ration Book No. 2 are used for most canned goods and for dried peas, beans lentils, and frozen commodities like fruit juice.  The red stamps are used for meats, canned fish, butter, cheese edible fats, and canned milk.  You have to give up more points when buying scarce foods then when buying the same quantity of a more plentiful one.

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