I Just Wanted to Know

War time on the home front for me was worry

By Richard Clark   b. 1937

I grew up near Reno, Nevada.   My father was in the Army.  By the time I got into school in 1943 (a two-room school house) the war was already going on for some time.   My mother and our neighbors tried not to talk about the war when I was around, but I overheard plenty and I was confused trying to figure what it was all about.  I could see that something big was going on and there were lots of changes.  Even though they talked in whispers, I picked up that the war was something to really be afraid of.

When I got into school I found out just how bad a thing the war was.  I began to worry about my father.  The older kids made it sound like the Germans and  ‘Japs’ were ready to invade and kill us.  My mother said they were just trying to scare us young ones.

I never got really afraid, but I was never sure.  I wanted to know what was going on more than anything and I couldn’t find out!   I spent my war time worrying.   Maybe that is fear.

I know now how my imagination made things worse.  It was tough to be a kid during the war.

My father came home OK.



1 thought on “I Just Wanted to Know”

  1. Hi Richard,
    I really enjoyed reading your comment.
    You line…
    “I spent my War time worrying. Maybe that is fear”
    Stuck with me.
    Very Glad your Father made it home ok.

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